Ending Homelessness in Atlanta
Mar 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Bill McGahan, Chair/Founder, Georgia Works!
Ending Homelessness in Atlanta

Bill McGahan founded Georgia Works! because he believes every life has value, and virtually every person can be given the tools and habits to make their lives better.  Many men simply have horrible habits, role models and environments.


Bill has been involved in many community organizations and non-profit boards including: Co-Chair Task Force to Re-Purpose the Atlanta City Detention Center, The State of Georgia Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Commission; Atlanta Area Co-Chair of the Steering Committee for the Governors Office of Transition, Support and Reentry; From Houses to Homes; Atlanta Academy; The Howard School, The Paces Civic Association; and The National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction. Bill earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University, and an MBA from the University of Virginia, and is a graduate of The Westminster Schools.


He and his wife Lisa have four children. They reside in Atlanta.

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