Dear Fellow Kiwanians,
I am honored to be your President for the coming year. I look forward to working with each of you and having a great time as we work together. I plan to build on the great work that President David Moore and before him Sandy Welfare have done in guiding the Club through these last two crazy pandemic years. We owe them and all who have served as officers, directors and committee chairs a debt of gratitude for  their efforts on our behalf.
We have an outstanding group of dedicated Kiwanians signed up and ready to lead  us this year. I know we can build on the past and grow both our service to the youth of our community and our membership. Thanks to all of you, we have been experiencing an increasing sense of enthusiasm and comaraderie in recent weeks. To build on this momentum, I have the following goals for the Club: (1) Restoration of normalcy in our meetings and fellowship; (2) Reaching out to all members to encourage attendance and participation as the Covid threat subsides; (3) Continuing great programs to foster that attendance; and (4)Building back  our community volunteer work.
As David said last year, these goals will enable us to “Learn, Serve, and Connect” and to grow and maintain our wonderfully diverse membership as we make  a difference in Atlanta.
President Marbury Rainer