All Members in Good Standing* who would like to serve on the club’s Board of Directors should submit their name to Marbury Rainer, Chair of the Nominations Committee, or Karen Losin at by Noon on March 12, 2024.  Only Qualified** members will have their name placed on the nomination list.
*Member in Good Standing:  Must be current on dues at time of election.
If you have a desire to serve on the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta Board of Directors, now is the time to submit your name for consideration!  All qualified** members who express an interest to serve will be on a list for potential nomination. The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee will create a ballot from which 5 individuals will be elected to serve a 2-year term beginning Oct 1, 2024.
**To qualify as a board of director, you must 1) be a member in good standing*, 2) have made or make a contribution or pledge to the Kiwanis Foundation of Atlanta and 3) have served in a prior leadership position with the club as a chair or vice chair of a committee.