LEGION OF HONOR 2018 - In 1945, Joe Shaw, a past president of our club, created the Legion of Honor program, which is now International in scope and recognizes individuals who have been part of Kiwanis for at least 25 years.
Congratulations to the following individuals who have achieved another year of Legion of Honor:   *Symbolizes those that are new or who have added 5 more years to their membership.
63 Years
F. Burt Vardeman
55 Years
*Joel Cowan
*Harry Lamon
45 - 49 Years
Jim Beattie
Lyons Joel
Sam Friedman
John Rittelmeyer
40 - 44 Years
Jerry Cox
Jack McFarland
Tom Gay
Irv Schoenberg
Tom Adams
Reynolds Couch
Julius Lee
Hank Powell
Hugh Peterson                                                Bob Bodimer
35 - 39 Years
Jack Cross
Lew Hansen
Herb McKoy
Frank Bell
Joe Gardner
Jean Mori
Mark Smith
*Tony Callaway
*Tim Kercheval
*Bill Nefsky
*Ben Shapiro
*Dick Stumm
30 - 34 Years
John Busby
John Ottley
Doug Cobb
Mary Lou Austin
Charlie Boyd
Firooz Israel
Marilu McCarty
*Paul Anderson
*Ronni French
*Kit Kammer
*Melvin Pittman
25 - 29 Years
Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp
George Kalafut
Jackie Montag
Ray Nixon
Blake Young
Kathy Solley
Marbury Rainer
*Yvonne Conway