“Disturbing Mysteries of the Night Sky”
Jan 15, 2019 12:00 PM
John King, IT Consultant and Amateur Astronomer
“Disturbing Mysteries of the Night Sky”

On most clear, moonless nights, you can travel far out into the universe without ever leaving your backyard.  But as with any journey, the more you know before you go, the more you will get out of your travels.  And there are a half dozen fairly straight forward concepts that every voyager into the night sky should understand.  (But very few do!)  John King, our speaker today has made a study of conveying these ideas to non-scientist, and igniting in them a new excitement for personal exploration of the universe. 


John has been interested in today’s topic, astronomy, since early childhood.  And for the last 35 years has used his 8” diameter telescope to fuel his own curiosity, and that of his friends.  Their enthusiastic reactions have made him realize that we are all amateur astronomers to varying degrees.  But strangely, most well educated Americans don’t begin to take advantage of the extraordinary wonders showered upon them each month from the night sky. 


A lifelong resident of Atlanta, Georgia, John attended Georgia Tech, and has spent most of his career selling, installing, and supporting ERP software systems for clients in the industrial distribution market.  And, when not staring off into space, he enjoys volunteering with the Boy Scouts, Historic Oakland Foundation, Lake Rabun Association, St Luke’s Episcopal Church, and ΣAE fraternity.  His other interests include sailing, flying, skiing, bow hunting, travel, opera, history and English literature.