LAW DAY: Stories That Bring the Presidents to Life
May 02, 2023 11:45 AM
Christopher Binkert, Author
LAW DAY: Stories That Bring the Presidents to Life

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Chris Binkert, a native of Ohio, began his interest in the US Presidents about 40 years ago. He started by trying to collect 1 biography of each President. Plus, he had 8 presidential homes to visit in Ohio.

Over the years, his collection expanded to include presidential campaign buttons, historic newspapers from special presidential moments, trivia, and memorabilia gathered from his visits to presidential museums, libraries and monuments scattered all over the country.

He honed his presentation skills by teaching business courses at the University of Toledo for 2 years, and by pursuing a 45-year career in marketing and sales.

Chris created a calendar called One Day at A Time with the Presidents, has been a docent at the William Howard Taft Museum in Cincinnati, and has given presentations to his children and grandchildren’s elementary school classes, as well as to local service groups.

A resident of Big Canoe since 2014, Chris has written a monthly column for Smoke Signals since 2020 called Bringing the Presidents to Life.