Reflections from the Civil Rights Struggle
Jul 14, 2020 12:00 PM
Janice R Blumberg, Author and Historian
Reflections from the Civil Rights Struggle

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Janice Rothschild Blumberg is an author and historian. A native of Atlanta, she has lectured at universities, museums, synagogues, and academic conferences across the country.  Janice watched history unfold and then wrote about the human side of history through her perspective as an insider.

She started college at the age of 15 and graduated from the University of Georgia during World War II when she was 18. During World War II, Janice worked for the Army Corps of Engineers in the Panama Canal Zone, where they were combating malaria, and in Washington, D.C. for the Signal Corps among other jobs.  During that time, she also spent some time in Mexico attending the Experiment in International Living. 

When she returned to Atlanta in 1946, she met and married Jacob Rothschild, spiritual leader of The Temple when it was bombed in 1958. Janice became friends of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King and chaired landmark the Atlanta dinner honoring Nobel Peace Prize recipient Martin Luther King, Jr.,1965. During the civil rights era, Janice worked on behalf of the National Conference of Christians and Jews and served as a panelist with Coretta Scott King and others speaking to groups about “Raising Children of Good Will.”

In addition to authoring four books and contributing to numerous additional books, she has written articles for the Encyclopedia Judaica, Southern Jewish History, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Sunday Magazine, and many other publications.

After the leading the congregation through a time of transition, growth and controversy, Rabbi Rothschild died suddenly of a heart attack on New Year’s Eve in 1973.  In 1975, Janice married insurance executive David Blumberg of Knoxville, Tennessee a civic leader, who served as president of B’nai B’rith International.  They lived in Washington, D.C.  After her second husband passed away, Janice remained in Washington, D.C. until she returned to Atlanta in 2009.

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