We are excited to announce that the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta has taken steps to enhance the impact of our philanthropic efforts through a revised Grant Application Process for our Foundation Grants. With a renewed focus on improving the lives of at-risk children, these revisions aim to streamline the direction of our gifts and ensure they make a profound difference.
As part of the revamped process, we will be requesting more comprehensive information from our grant applicants. By gathering detailed insights into their programs and initiatives, we can better assess their potential to create lasting change for children in need. Our dedicated committee members will be empowered to delve deeper into the programs we support, ensuring that they align with our mission and have a tangible impact on the lives of children.
To facilitate this transformative journey, we have made two immediate changes. Firstly, we will be suspending any new organizations from requesting grants for two years. This will enable us to focus our resources on strengthening our existing partnerships and maximizing the effectiveness of our grants. Secondly, we are asking our current grant committee members to commit to serving over the same period, fostering continuity and expertise within the decision-making process.
We are thrilled to share that both the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta Board and the Foundation board have unanimously approved these changes. By aligning our efforts and resources, we can make deeper and more meaningful contributions to nonprofit organizations that share our dedication to improving the lives of at-risk children.
The 2023 Grant Process will open Monday, July 31st.  Current Grantees may request a link to the online application by emailing the office KiwanisClubAtlanta@gmail.comApplication Deadline is Thursday, Aug 31, 5 pm.