Kiwanis Club of Atlanta is thrilled to announce Mike Halpin as the 2016-17 President!


Coming up through the officer line, I have had the privilege of being able to meet fellow Kiwanians from literally around the word.  To hear about their Clubs and how their individual service profiles meet the needs of children in their communities.  The stories are diverse and truly heartwarming.  I can tell you that the reputation of the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta is well respected, and admired, throughout Kiwanis International.  We are truly one of the best!

Our reputation, both locally and nationally, is based on standards of excellence set down from our Club's founders and nurtured though ninety-eight years of service to the children of Atlanta. 

Please know that it is an honor to be entrusted with the shepherding of this tradition through the Club's ninety-ninth year.  Also know that I could not have asked for a more engaged Board of Directors, a more dedicated Officer line, or a more enthusiastic team of Committee Chairs to work beside.  My thanks to each of you for the selfless giving of your time and talents that you have volunteered.  Through your good efforts, we will both execute year two of the KCOA Strategic Plan, and through it, continue to fulfill and expand the service mission of our Club.

Most of all I am than thankful for each individual member of this Club.  Through the utilization of our combined time, talents, and treasure, we will continue the tradition of excellence that is the Kiwanis Club of Atlanta.

Thank you for your confidence.



Mike Halpin
President, KCA