Porsche Experience Center - Atlanta
Oct 31, 2017
Brian Cunningham, Chief Instructor
Porsche Experience Center - Atlanta

Brian Cunningham is the Chief Instructor for the Porsche Experience Center – Atlanta, which opened in May 2015 at the One Porsche Drive headquarters for Porsche in North America. Brian has been a racing and performance driving instructor for over 20 years, having joined the staff of the Road Atlanta Driver Training Center and the Panoz Racing School in 1996. Previously, he worked for the Porsche Sport Driving School – USA beginning with its inception in 1999. As well, he has been involved with training programs and marketing events for many major automotive manufacturers, including Michelin, Pirelli, Audi, Volkswagen, Maserati, GM, Ford, Subaru and, of course, Porsche.

Prior to what he considers now to be his dream occupation, Brian worked for many years in the technology industry. Brian implemented advanced computer software systems with Teknetics and Equifax. He served in technical sales, consulting, and management roles at Versant Corporation, and was later involved in two technology startups.

Brian graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Information and Computer Science, including specializations in database technology and artificial intelligence.​

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